Device logs are records of events or actions that have occurred on a device. These logs can be used for diagnostic purposes, as they can provide insight into the cause of an issue. They can also be used to track user changes, monitor posting of sensor values and check integration performance.
Device logs can include information such as errors, warnings, and success messages.

Available Filters:

Figure 1 - Filters
Figure 1 - Filters
  • Range Picker
    • These are quick datetime range filters that you can choose, from the past 15 min up to the past 1 month.
  • Event type
    • You can filter here the type of log messages you want to view. It could be errors, warnings or success messages. Otherwise, you can select “All” to view all.
  • Keywords search
    • You can enter here the keywords of the specific log message/s you want to view.


The result will be displayed on a paginated grid, wherein each page is consist of up to 1000 rows. You can see three columns namely, Timestamp, Message and Type.
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