Humidity Sensor

A humidity sensor quantifies the water vapor concentration in the air, typically expressed as a percentage of maximum potential humidity.
In the Sensorbee Pro series, encompassing the Air Pro and Modbus Pro, the humidity sensor is located within the front-end module (SB3516). Utilizing a capacitive sensing mechanism, this sensor guarantees precise and dependable readings, regardless of environmental fluctuations.
Figure 1.
Figure 1.
For comprehensive sensor specifications and performance metrics, kindly consult the SB3516 datasheet.
In the Sensorbee Lite series, which includes the Air Lite and Modbus Lite, the humidity sensor is housed directly within a connected sensor dome, known as the SB3380. The humidity sensor employs a capacitive sensing element, ensuring high precision and reliable measurements across varying environmental conditions.
Figure 2.
Figure 2.
For detailed sensor specifications and performance data, please refer to the SB3380 datasheet.


Pro Series

Please refer to the particle sensor's documentation for installation instructions.

Lite Series

Please refer to the temperature sensor's documentation for installation instructions.

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