Release Notes

Sensorbee Release Notes
(Updated on 2024/04/26)
Fixed Issues
  • The air quality graphs have been enhanced to provide more meaningful insights.
The graph has been updated to correctly display the average measurement value for each time interval, rather than the sum. For example, in a 2-hour graph, the data point will now represent the average of all measurements taken within that 2-hour window, providing a more accurate representation of the metric over time.
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  • Tooltip functionality is not working as expected
When hovering over an element with a tooltip, the tooltip should appear promptly, displaying the correct and relevant information associated with that element.
Enhancements and improvements made:
  • Display Base Unit (BU) Thumbnails on Map View
Enhance the map view by using the photo uploaded on the device page as the marker for the corresponding device on the map. If a photo has been uploaded for a device, it should be used as the marker icon. In cases where no photo has been uploaded, the marker should default to a plain green icon for online devices and a plain red icon for offline devices.
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  • Standardize Device Naming Convention in Device Research
Implement a standardized naming convention for devices within the device research section of the application. By establishing and enforcing a consistent naming format, users can easily identify, search for, and compare devices across different studies or experiments.
Release Notes ( 2024/04/12)