Released (06/21/2024)
  1. Added options to load gas raw parameters in device research  This update enhances the device research functionality by allowing users to access and analyze raw gas parameters. This provides more detailed and granular data for in-depth analysis and research purposes.
  1. Added averaging computation for particle sensors and CO2 in the backend The backend now performs averaging computations for particle sensors and CO2 measurements. This improvement helps in providing more accurate and stable readings over time, reducing the impact of momentary fluctuations
  1. Added EU AQI gas ranges to historical and gas parameter charts  The historical and gas parameter charts now include European Union Air Quality Index (EU AQI) gas ranges. This addition allows users to interpret the data in the context of EU air quality standards, enhancing the utility of the charts for European users or those interested in EU compliance.
  1. Added concentration unit selection to Historical tab  Users can now select different concentration units in the Historical tab. This feature provides flexibility in data representation, allowing users to view and analyze data in their preferred units of measurement.
  1. Added option to load raw resolution vibration data in the vibrational page  The vibrational page now offers the ability to load raw resolution vibration data. This feature provides access to more detailed vibration information, enabling more precise analysis for users who require high-resolution data.
  1. Improve chart filter controls performance  This update addresses the sluggish response in the user interface when changing date range filters and other chart controls. The improved performance results in a more responsive and smoother user experience when interacting with chart filters.
Bug Fixes:
  1. Average series of the pro2 gas sensors cannot be displayed correctly in the device research page  This fix resolves an issue where the average series data for pro2 gas sensors was not rendering correctly on the device research page. Users can now view accurate average series data for these sensors.
  1. Fixed unpairing job to remove stuck unit - also log error to DB  The unpairing process for stuck units has been improved. Additionally, any errors encountered during this process are now logged to the database, facilitating better troubleshooting and monitoring of unpairing issues.
  1. Unable to create alert in production  This fix addresses a critical issue where users were unable to create alerts in the production environment. Alert creation functionality has been restored, allowing users to set up and manage alerts as intended.
  1. Adjusted the unpairing process for devices with firmware version 3.20.0 and above The unpairing process has been optimized for devices running firmware version 3.20.0 and higher. These versions now reboot automatically, eliminating the need for the backend to wait for the reboot, thus streamlining the unpairing process.
  1. Intermittent error in step1 of the calibration process This fix resolves an intermittent issue in the first step of the calibration process where users were unable to proceed to step two after selecting and deselecting items from the grid. The calibration process should now progress smoothly without interruption.
  1. Wrong datagrouping's aggregation in the device research page  This update corrects inaccuracies in the data grouping aggregation on the device research page. Users can now rely on correct data aggregation for their research and analysis tasks.
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