Parts of Sensorbee Air Pro

The Sensorbee Air Pro is composed of two main parts: a base (8) that contains the main board, internal battery, external connectors (4) (5), and status LED (7), and a sensor-house (6) that contains the internal gas sensors, front-end module (3), and inlet (1) and outlet (2) for the internal gas sensors.
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  1. Inlet for internal gas sensors.
  1. Outlet for internal gas sensors.
  1. Front-end module, which includes particle sensors, temperature, humidity, pressure, VOC, NOX, and ambient noise.
  1. Expansion connector, M8F-6 (type A), for external sensors.
  1. Power connector, M8M-4 (type A), for input power to the unit (5VDC to 15VDC).
  1. Sensor-House, which contains internal gas sensors and the front-end module.
  1. Status LED, which indicates the status of the unit.
  1. Base, which contains the base board electronics, batteries, internal connectors, and antenna.