Shipping Sensorbee Devices and Batteries

Some partners may want to ship devices with batteries and SIM cards inserted before providing these to their customers. This reduces the chance of end users mishandling or not provisioning the devices correctly. It can help to ensure devices will be working when they are received - rather than relying on the correct process being followed.
This article guide covers the general guidelines on shipping provisioned devices.

Shipping Provisioned Devices

Things to consider when shipping devices with batteries installed are:
  • Check shipping/airfreight regulations carefully. Many do not allow active devices.

Regulations for Shipping Batteries

This is only a general guide, intended as an overview on the regulations around shipping batteries. Please consult your individual logistics carrier for more information.
In summary, the following regulations apply:
  • There are limits to how many batteries can be shipped by road or air without being declared. For air travel, the general rule is that a few devices with lithium-ion batteries installed inside the device can be shipped undeclared.
  • Batteries on their own, or in large quantities, generally need to go via road. As long as the batteries are declared, they don't need to travel labeled as Dangerous Goods.
  • Shipments must be appropriately labeled.